night van

We aim to save our clients money as well as saving the environment

We live in an age where plastic is widely used and although it has some benefits, it is having a detrimental impact on our environment. Plastic is a substance that is not easily disposable and is currently the largest source of ocean litter, contributing to the 14 billion pounds of rubbish added to the ocean every year. Plastic debris is often ingested by marine animals.

Polaroad, being in the thermo-logistics industry, is required to transport temperature-controlled goods to various places around the country. Most companies use disposable plastic boxes which is adding to the growing problem of plastic pollution. Polaroad has taken the initiative to use recyclable materials and reuse their transportation containers and boxes. Completely eradicating polystyrene shipping containers from our operations. We are focused on developing our zero-wastage policy further to ensure we are doing all that we can to help the environment.

The initiative, although primarily to help reduce the carbon footprint, has helped in saving our clients’ money. Rapidly reducing additional packaging costs and costs of rubbish disposal.

How else do we help?

Polaroad makes every effort to provide clients with an efficient service while considering congestion, particularly in London – thus we try to much of our London deliveries at night.

This helps reduce pollution, congestion costs, the growing congestion problem in London and ensures deliveries are at their destination way ahead of time.

All our clients have appreciated our eco-friendly approach and efforts to help reduce their costs.